" It's what's inside that matters " - Courtney L. Porter, LCSW

"It's what's inside that matters" - Courtney L. Porter, LCSW

Hey Y’all

I am a mental health therapist with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs how to use boundaries to build their brand, alleviate anxiety, and decrease depression. We work on the mindset and emotions of starting and running a successful business. I am a licensed clinical social worker with over 5 years of experience working in the mental health field, in addition to giving presentations on various mental health topics in churches, schools, and small groups.

My Therapy in a Box was created to help others discover that therapy(healing) comes from within. It’s a metaphor. We are the box and it’s what’s inside of us that determine where our healing begins. We place ourselves in “the box” of what others expect from us or unrealistic expectations of ourselves. When we put everything out on the table, we see that we had the tools all along or we realize that we needed to get rid of things to replace with something better. What’s inside your box? What’s within you? Fear? Loneliness? Trauma? Abandonment? Entrepreneurship? Emptiness? That’s what you are here to find out.

I love hosting my weekly ‘My Therapy In A Box’ podcast discussing how self care is the key to success. Outside of my own career and business endeavors, I take joy in evolving my skills as a second photographer with my husband shooting weddings and assisting in studio sessions.