one-on-one Time

This is all about YOU and your personal development! This is your opportunity to "brain-dump" all of those awesome ideas that you have been holding onto. This is where we start knocking things off of your mental list that you’re worrying about, questioning, or needing to do. Consultation sessions are 60 minutes in length. *FREE initial 15 minute consultation call*


small Groups

This is where you realize that you are not alone. This is a small group setting, consisting of no more than 10-12 individuals, that come together and have open discussion on shared experiences. Groups are more than a valuable support system but a sounding board for those who want to work out problems and emotional issues. Sometimes listening to others helps you put your own problems in perspective. Group sessions are 50-60 minutes in length.


Individual therapy

This is just the first step on your path to healing from a traumatic past. You and I work one on one in a safe space and explore ways to get you back to becoming the best version of yourself. This is where we work through the problems that seem to interfere with the coping of daily life. Individual sessions are 50-60 minutes in length. 



This is specific to Master's level social workers (MSW) who are preparing to sit for the clinical examination. This is professional consultation, mentoring, and support through the journey of clinical practice. Supervision is 60 minutes in length one to two times each week. Group sessions are also available at a discounted rate (requires at least 4 people). *100 hours are required per the ASWB*


couples therapy

This is specific to couples that want to improve romantic relationships, resolve conflicts, or seek premarital counsel. This is where I work with each person to learn more about roadblocks that are hindering intimacy and explore healthy problem-solving skills to strengthen the emotional bond and fight fair. Couple sessions are 60 minutes in length. Premarital counseling is a 12 week intensive supportive and safe space for couples to foster love, respect, and understanding of each other before entering the journey of marriage.


family therapy

This is all about the family working together as a unit. This is a look into family interactions and patterns that create conflict and unhealthy communication over a course of time. This is also a time for family members to express difficult thoughts and emotions in a safe space, understand each other’s experiences, and to build on family strengths in order to make effective changes in their relationships going forward. Family sessions are 60-80 minutes in length.