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are you guilty of trading self care for success?

I GET IT! It’s so easy to think that if I just keep pushing myself, stay up late, and get up even earlier, then I will make it to where I want to be sooner. We tell ourselves that I will sleep when I’m dead. We try to be successful as parents, spouses, organizers, and yes, entrepreneurs but never feel like what we’re doing is enough. However, we forget one SMALL (not really) detail. You have to take care of YOU! If you’re not taking the time to implement strategies to stay mentally and emotionally well, then you will not be at your best. Self care is your success! Let’s make it happen!

is this you?

Are you the girl boss who feels guilty or afraid of saying no?

Has your social media presence become more important than being mentally present?

Is it a struggle to stay motivated and push through business and personal burdens?

Do you feel that people take advantage of you or your business?

Are you overloaded, overworked, and overwhelmed?

Are you ready for a mental reset?

When Your Thinking Changes, So Will Your Experience
— Courtney l. porter, lcsw


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